Use cases

Use cases

All cases are 100% real sent to real people.

Keep in touch

Do you think an email or a phone call will do any good? It's MoonBack time!

Reminders and due dates

Reminders, deadlines,... Always close to those you care about but without bothering

Welcoming and on-boarding

Coffee mugs are fine, but to receive a personal MoonBack on your first day, as a customer or employee, is just WOW.

Request a daily progress video-log

Simplify progress and evolution tracking for experiences, courses, challenges, projects...

Celebrating milestones and achievements

Objectives, key milestones, project closings, sales...

Hindsight review and third party feedback

Concise and clear information with no misinterpretations

News, press releases and updates

"Keep posted those who matter the most in a personal, executive and unobtrusive way."

Congratulations, thanks and farewells

Anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions...

Ready for the journey

Ready for the ride?

It's time to get closer than ever to those who matter most to you.
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