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Your MoonBacks will be experienced like this

For example, to

  • Keep in touch
  • Presenting and summarizing a proposal
  • Incident management
  • Questions & Answers
  • "Recollect assessments and testimonials"
  • Congratulations, thanks and farewells
  • Energize events and communities
  • Recruiting and personnel selection

Boost your sales as well as the
satisfaction of your customers, colleagues, and fans
getting closer and engaging with them...

Without pestering!

Remote and asynchronous

Without the need for
installations or apps!

Via web including tablets and mobiles

Regardless of the channel

LinkedIn, Email, Whatsapp...

Two-way communication

Answers without registration or sign-up

Because with MoonBack
being personal is being efficient

Sin las interrupciones
del teléfono

Avoid the impersonal feeling
of an email

Avoid the mounting pressure
of video calls




proven of WhatsApp
open rate


virality and

Real-time output statistics
03 December 2022

Want to see our CEO's Command Post?

We are so confident in our metrics that we offer you
publicly (in real time) those of the CEO.

If you truly care about me
don't treat me like a %name%

I'm Laura and like you, I have also noticed when I'm not treated in a personal way.

More than “personalization”
make it personal!

What would you choose?

Scalability based on your conversion rate
Scalability based on sending “more and more”
1-to-1 & 1-to-group. e.g. You can connect with a group of 50 people
e.g. You send 5000 messages.
Personal and unique messages
A “personalized” template with %NAME%...
94% of real full playback
An average of 16% of emails are opened
H2H two-way communication
Talking to a “no-reply”?
48 people say WoW 🤩
4500 people ignore it or answer with a WTF! 🤮

3, 2, 1... and liftoff!




Measuring and learning

MoonBack competitive advantage vs...

VideoAsk, Threadit, Loom/Vidyard, Bonjoro, Sendspark   o Whatsapp



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Let the journey in
search of wows begin!

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